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What do you need? What are your requirements? What's your ideal marijuana medicinal?

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Let's personalize your marijuana medicinal using the Mx:Scale. MyMx means you don't have to compromise on quality or effect. Let's begin improving your medicinals by creating your perfect Mx.


PatSci solutions personalize patient medicinals utilizing professional medical oversight.

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Mx:Medicinals match specific cannabinoid profiles with health issues via certified programs, testing & research.

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Cannabis health professionals everywhere expect support and resources to empower their personalized medicinal solutions--Mx:Scale Program Tools.

Marijuana that

Utilizing NexGen Analysis and performance based organic techniques, the Mx:Scale Project identifies marijuana effects and matches them to specific patient need.

Programs & Experts

Outcome-based programs because experts are helping you! Mx:Scale Programs mean medicinals meeting your needs--Marijuana that Works!

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Benefit Everyone

Mx:Scale Project communities form the world's evidense-based network—experience and solutions become cutting-edge solutions.

Stay informed, get connected to Marijuana that Works

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Shape your programs, get involved with Mx:Scale EDU in your region, and let us know how we can serve you and your community better.


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Voices From Our Community

Jennie Lee. PatSci

Nicest Person Ever

"My favorite part about the Mx:Scale Project is how much we actually care about each and every one of us. It's one thing to say it; it's another to be part of this team working around the clock for our benefit."

Christine O. Registered Nurse

Mx:Scale EDU Organizer

"Things like Mx:Scale EDU provide the catalyst that patients need to walk into their doctor's office and create a personalized medicinals program. One that works for them and one their doctor understands."

Scott Henderson Mx:Certified Grower

Mx:Scale EDU Graduate

“The MyMx community is growing and thriving thanks in part to what's come from all the MyMx Weekends and Mx:Scale programs we've got supporting us.”

Fatma Muhammad Ali Self-Employed

Mx:Certified Patient

“I’ve gained much experience, learned many lessons, nothing is impossible and it’s never too late. Use MyMx tools and program with your doctor and dispensaries to get you what you need. You're worth doing it right!“

Nital M. Patel PatSci

Mx:Scale Project Champion

“Individually, MyMx, Mx:Scale EDU, and Mx:NextGen programs transform the lives of patients. This partnership is an exciting next step for patient and physician communities everywhere.”

Cecil Newman/span> Oregon Citizen's Review

Mx:Scale EDU Organizer & Facilitator

“MyMx is a true Mx:Scale Project success story from a small county like Jackson... serving more than 600 patients and doctors.“


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