• MxCapital

    MxCapital is for investors, fund managers, property groups and industry resources evaluating the cannabis industry for valuable technologies. Mx based due-diligence means your comprehensive investigation will yield legitimate asset candidates, accurate liability metrics, and innovations of commercial potential.
  • MxLabs

    MxLab services are for Growers, Professionals, and MxLabs provide next-generational chemical, genetic & microbiological assay for growers, industry professionals, research organizations and Mx:Certified performance cannabis producers.
  • MxClinics

    MxClinics are for patients and their families. MxResearch programs provide highly specialized 30, 60, and 90 day cannabis treatment plans and personalized protocol development for patients investigating cannabis as a primary treatment or adjunct therapy.
  • MxEDU

    MxEDU programs are for makers, patients, professionals, growers, and investors. In addition to programs establishing a conscience competence MxEDU is cutting-edge education, certification, and audit for who want recognition for their excellent programs, safety, consistency, and potency.
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MXClinics Intelligent Cannabinoid Therapies

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MXLabs NextGen Functional Assays

Support for different screen widths, such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Read More

MXEDU Industry Training & Certs

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CBiz WkEnd Lean Business Startup

Gantry is the foundation for all features and functions Read More

MXCapital Smart Capital Resources

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  • For Patients

    MxBiotech believes there’s a better level of health than what we’re all being forced to accept. We’ve developed powerful and transparent processes and protocols that unlock the solutions that may result in a better quality of life.

    Mx:Programs for patients mean you can demand more!

  • For Growers

    MxBiotech is an interconnected hub of clinics and laboratories that construct a new form of pharma. Our applied Mx:Data redefines refractory illness, with performance-based cannabis, using a nutraceutical platform, the Mx Lean Medicine Model.

    Mx:Programs for growers mean cannabis that works!

  • For Professionals

    We launched MxEDU because people want results, and professionals want to provide solutions. Mx knows there's much more than a baggie full of questions. People want results-results-results! MxEDU graduates professionals who deliver reliable and consistent solutions. Mx:Level leaders provide their customers a major step-up in service, quality and results.

    Mx:Program certifications mean you can finally trust your professional!

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About Myriad

Myriad centers around photography, providing an elegant space for displaying full width galleries. The structure, whilst focusing on images, maintains a refined and conservative style option.

The theme makes uses of animated effects to add depth and character to content, without compromising on usability and professionalism. A series of bounce and slide effects are built into Myriad, as triggered by scroll events, with an option to disable them.

A responsive layout adapts automatically to the viewing device's width, such as mobile, tablet or desktop, without the need for a separate layout or content. Mobile modes have a unique menu to aid usability. 960px and 1200px fixed layout options are also available.

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More About Myriad

  • Simple Item 9

  • image http://mxscale.com/typography/ Read More

    MxCafes - A Beautiful Trust

  • image MxLabs services perform functional assays & determine therapeutic indices for master cannabis growers. MxLabs report safety; consistency; and Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic metrics for cannabis profiles. If you are a world-class cultivar, we want to meet you. Read More

    MxLabs - Performance Cannabis

  • image MxCapital means strategic private equity. We want to find and back brilliant entrepreneurs to build the future. If you’ve got an idea that will change the world, we want to meet you. Read More

    MxCapital - Smart Money

  • image MxBiotech believes it is time to establish a hub for cannabis research. And MxEDU programs create the foundation and certifications necessary for Performance Cannabis to become widely available for everyone who need it. If you are the best at what you do, or want to become a leader, MxEDU wants to know you. Read More

    MxEDU - Conscious Competance

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